mAPs stands for a fair and inclusive working process as the foundation of both a strong professional community and a recognized brand dedicated to societal dance films.

mAPs final goal is to state dance films as a real genre in the worldwide online and cinema landscape, rich of a tremendous universal value able to reach for a real societal impact needed from every part of our continent, and most widely, from the world itself. Thanks to its hybrid language, dance film development and diffusion actS as growth tool in the process of expansion, diversification and involvement of wider and new audiences, through direct inclusion.

mAPs activates a process capable of increasing audiences’ attention to new models of production and representation of dance and multimedia performance, thanks to trespassing onto other artistic sectors in many cases more “popular” and familiar (eg cinema, visual arts, music).

mAPs will reinforce artistic creation role as a biologically active enzyme in the complex ecosystem of our nowadays plural societies.

mAPS reflects upon the different artistic processes by producing and evaluating ethnographic accounts and documentations.

mAPs works in artistic residencies & local workshops gathering with communities in all six countries, strengthening artists mobility through residencies in the different territories involved in each film development process.

mAPs values the process of producing dance films as a tool for engaging local communities and thematizing social issues of our contemporary societies.

mAPs acts as an aggregate force in the process of involving new diversified audiences, raising awareness towards an interdisciplinary fruition as well as imagining production, training and distribution as integrated actions.

mAPs aims to effectively position innovative artistic productions on the main stream market and to enhance a tailor-made market for these works.