mAPsBase is an online plateform dedidacted to research and archive purposes. mAPsBase will welcome transmedia resources – texts, sounds, images, films – around the themes connected to the main focus of mAPs about POWER. These inputs are meant to be shared between mAPs artistic and citizen community in order to inspire the collective process mAPs is meant to generate. The contents shared in mAPs Base will gather: > archives and counter-archives produced though mAPs process itself for further analysis and evaluation. These contents are mAPs property and cannot be used outside mAPs context without consent by mAPs co-founders. > resources from outside mAPs context – articles, studies, reports, books, photos, drawings, visual arts iconography, schemas, videos, films… These resources will consulted on the website and for research purposes only. Any public use or reproduction will be again the principles of research and again copyright laws and mAPs ethics.