04 March 2020

Back from IMZ International Music + Media Centre in the scope of the 70th Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival where we presented our mAPs • migrating Artists Project the 5 of us. Inspiring and promising… Thank you dear Katharina Jeschke and the whole IMZ team. Next stop: Turin for Script Campus by COORPI

23 February 2020

Clermont ISFF 2020 was a big moment for mAPs martners with a strong opportunity to network and promote the project towards professionals of short films coming from all around the world.

The conference proposed in partenership with Clermont ISFF on Societal Dance Film aroused the interest of a crowded audience committed to the topic. The meeting allowed members of mAPs Jury to share their experience regarding societal dance films writing, production and distribution as well the reality of the opening market in their countries toady.

Finally mAPs international jury worked three days on the selection of our premieum artistic teams that mAPs will accompany and support to produce the 4 shorts dance films as pillars of mAPs collection about Power, to be released in May 2021.

mAPs adventure is now on tracks!

Next stop: Berlinale and IMZ Avant Premiere focus from 23rd to 26th of February 2020…

14 February 2020

mAPs international jury has been working hard from 7th to 9th of February in the scope of mAPs parternship with Clermont ISFF… Here are the exciting teams that will create the 4 shorts dance films for mAPs collection about POWER!

Power • Environment –
Climate Crisis and Strategies of Power

Kati Kallio & Camiel Zwart

Power • Identities –
Influencers and Casualties of Power

Aline Sitoé N’Diaye & Alda Mondlane

Power • Mutations –
Transformation through Power

Ariadne Mikou & Konstantina Bousmpoura

Power • Data –
Digital Supremacy and New Technologies of Power

Alain El Sakhawi & Valeria Zampardi

13 January 2020

After the buzz created in Dancescreen 2019 + Tanzrauschen Festival Wuppertal, IMZ invited the 5 co-founders to introduce mAPs in Avant Première focus in the 70th Berlinale between 22th and 26th of February 2020. 

mAPs co-founders will expose how the first mAPs collection supported by Creative Europe will target the theme of POWER and be composed of 4 shorts and 1 documentary, aimed to be screened as a series or as a unique chaptered content of 90 minutes around the theme.

A wonderful opportunity to meet with the very best of producers, broadcasters and distributors potentially interested in screendance.

A precious chance to present mAPs – migrating Artists Project as an international project between five European partners committed to produce dance films addressing societal issues able to reachout for mass audiences through online platforms, TV channels and cinemas.

A first breakthrough boosting Societal Dance Film as a real innovative genre into the international market.


13 January 2020

mAPs team will be in Clermont ISFF in the frame of a new partnership to welcome from 7th to 9th of February 2020 its international jury for the selection of its future dance films about Power.

mAPs co-founders and their guests will also propose an international conference on Friday 7th of February 2020 from 14:00 to 16:00 in IADT – 51, Boulevard François Mitterrand, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand:

Dance films – new challenges focusing on societal issues in Europe and worldwide

Why dancefilm is rising today as a real cinema genre?

Why dance films are more and more questioning societal issues? How can they actually address broad audiences and represent a new potential market?

A panel of international experts will share their experiences and exchanges about the opportunities opening worldwide for filmmakers, producers, distributors, broadcasters and

21 November 2019

Are you interested in creating a screendance project about power? Do you want to travel deeper into your work by sharing the artistic process of screendance production with a team of professional artists? How to involve communities and to develop stories that make a difference? You work mainly in France, Italy, Finland, Greece or Germany?
mAPs- migrating Artists Project – is an international project between five European countries aiming to support and mentor professional artists through the production and dissemination of screendance projects – 4 shorts and 1 documentary – about POWER.
You will get supported through:
3 international mentoring campus bringing all teams together
3 creative residencies
3 local mentoring focuses
1 territory to activate connecting with populations
1 year of dissemination throughout Europe and worldwide !

Send us your screendance projects before January 30th, 2020.

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20 November 2019

mAPs – migrating Artists Project focus is opening dancescreen 2019 + Tanzrauschen Festival Wuppertal on Thursday 21st of november 2019.
A perfect time to launch our call for projects about #power thanks to the support of Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
Come and meet us and our tremendous partners
in this bold and unique initiative!