August 28, 2020

Malakta is located in an old dairy by the Malax River in the municipality of Malax in western Finland.
Art Factory malakta was established in 2007 by Ann-Maj Granstubb and Jukka Rajala with a vision to create a space for people, creativity, wellbeing and development.
Malakta is a centre for #creativity, culture, arts and people. Our aim is to create an oasis where creativity, ideas, art, and culture can grow and flourish. Our keywords are action, sustainability and inclusion.
Malakta is a space welcoming national and international artists, the local community, groups, associations, companies, and all with an interest in creating better conditions for people, ideas and organisations to develop in a sustainable and dynamic way.
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Ann-Maj Granstubb _ Jukka Rajala

August 22, 2020

Camiel Zwart (1980) graduated at the directing program at the Dutch Film Academy in 2006.
At his own production company Blackframe he has since then directed several award-winning short documentaries (Together Alone, On Our Own) as well as longer documentaries like Past Perfect Tense, Terror, source of fear and The Debt Machine. One of them White Flight being nominated for the Prix Europe IRIS.
In addition to his documentary work Camiel has always had a passion for dance films. He has directed and produced several short dance films, including multi award-winning Platform 13. For Camiel cinema and dance are made to fit and enhance each other. He believes that the best way to make an intriguing story for the big screen, is through movement rather than words. This is how film can distinguish its self from literature. Using choreography in film is the way to combine movement and cinema and bring them to their maximum potential.
Schooled in the documentary tradition, he always addresses social issues and aims to sparking a debate or initiate social change with his films.
Alongside his work as a director and producer Camiel teaches at Cinedans education. In this roll he teaches workshops in dance film across the Netherlands at several (dance)academies and at film festivals around Europe .
second pic – frame from the documentary ”TERREUR, BRON VAN ANGST”

August 18, 2020

Kati Kallio is Finnish filmmaker, curator, dancer and choreographer. She has MA degree in Dance from UniArts Helsinki – Theatre Academy.
Her artistic works has been focused in dance films since 2008. Since then she has made 15 short dance films that have been screened and broadcasts widely around the globe. During her dancer career she worked in several freelance dance productions in Finland and taught dance for children and youth.
She is one of the pioneers of dance films in Finland and was the artistic director of Loikka Dance Film Festival during the years 2015-2018. Her previous responsibilities with Loikka included overseeing the festival’s audience outreach programs as well as organizing dance film screenings and workshops for schoolchildren and students. She has also hosted several dance film workshops and lectures for professionals.
Together with the dance company Myrskyryhmä and Elli isokoski, Kallio has developed a method for working with special groups as elderly in comprehensive centres to make dance / physical films. With this work Kallio aims to give the possibility for elderly to express themselves and show that they are actively willing to participate to the society.
Check her website and vimeo :

August 14, 2020

Laura Feodoroff is a Skolt Sámi dance artist and pedagogue based in Helsinki, Finland. She has graduated from Savonia university of applied sciences in Kuopio 2010 and has a MA degree in dance pedagogy in the Theatre academy in Helsinki 2012.
Laura has worked as a professional dance teacher, choreographer and dancer from 2008 in different kind of artistic collaborations from musicals to youth projects in addition to dance schools. Working in an international ´Youth, Europe and Theatre´ project 2011-2016 as a choreographer Laura was inspired by devised theatre.
She then started applying a more collaborate way of doing choreography and using more improvisatory methods in her work over all.
Most importantly listening to people she worked with and collaborating, no matter the age or being professional or not, became the leading thought for Laura.

August 8, 2020

Power, data, digital supremacy and new technologies of power… Do you remember how your life was like before internet, social medias and owning a smartphone? Imagine what it will be like in two, three generations.

August 5, 2020

Directly from Turin, Italy, here is one of our big 5:
dance, people, territories
COORPI was born in 2002 with the aim of developing new ways of communicating with the territory and its inhabitants, through the plural languages ​​of dance and body.
” we passionately create multidisciplinary projects by combining performative, visual, sound and digital languages, putting people, stories and emotions at the center, to tell the territory in which we live
we offer tools to develop the creativity and expressive qualities of the individual, through new possibilities of narration and representation of the body and movement
we use our experience to enhance and increase the relational capital of the territory and its inhabitants
we offer training courses in which video dancing is the heart of a new way of communicating ”

July 29, 2020

Dancer, choreographer and teacher of the FeIdenkrais method.
She began her dance studies in Palermo. In 1996 she joined the ”Ensemble Piccoli Danzatori del Teatro Massimo di Palermo (Little Dancers of the Massimo Theater of Palermo)”.
Then she deepened her studies in ballet at the dance school of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, the Balletto di Roma, the National Dance Academy in Rome and at the Codarts-Rotterdamse Dance Academie in Holland.
As a dancer she collaborated with several choreographers such as Giovanna Velardi, Giovanni Scarcella and since 2013 she participated to all the creations of the Compagnia Zappalà Danza located at the Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza/Scenario Pubblico.
She has participated as a dancer and choreographer to the short dance movies realized by the QBR Collective.
Valeria Zampardi

July 25, 2020

“I really think music and movement – dance, you know – and literature inform my visuals. I think film is also based in
dance. The relationship between me, the camera and the actor is always a dance.”
Christopher Doyle
( Paranoid Park (2007), Hero (2002) and 2046 (2004)…)
“I born in France and grew up in Paris from a French mother and an Egyptian father. I have lived between Paris and Sicily which is the meeting point between my ancestors cultures. This gave me a great rise of inspiration.
Since October 2019 I moved to Rome (Italy) to follow an intensive Cinematographer Course specializing in D.I.T
(Digital Imaging Technician). I come from martial arts, artistic gymnastic, comic books drawing and my first profession for 15 years have been dancing. I worked as a dancer for companies in France, Germany and Italy.
As a filmmaker I worked for several companies for promotional contents. I have been directing my own work together with the « QBR Collective » basing it on combining languages of dance with grammar of cinema.
The work was lead by linking shots with architecture, dance with all kind of intentional movements, editing with rhythm, body with environment, dance and cinema through cinematographic references.”

Alain El Sakhawi

July 21, 2020

Ethics and aesthetics are equally important to the Tampere Film Festival. Must have something to say and the ability to say it.
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July 18, 2020

Power and mutation in Greek society… in the society!
Listen the turning point that inspired our artists for this dance film!

July 14, 2020

when artistic practice meets
MØZ focuses on the creation of cultural projects, alongside educational and environmental activities, which promote the development of interdisciplinary thinking and arise social awareness, combining art with technology and nature. Active in areas such as dance, cinema, theater, videodance, photography, art installations, interactive technologies, multimedia and diving, team members merge separate areas of activities in an effort to develop their practice based on innovation.
MØZ is founded by Chrysanthi Badeka and Marios Zervas. For more info:
enjoy the trailer

July 12, 2020

[ artists, researchers, scholars, mentors, curators, producers, peers, collaborators, participants – creators & a community ]

July 11, 2020

Moments shared by our artists about campus 1, focus on script … see you very soon mAPies and now keep on writing !

July 09, 2020

It was a pleasure to host the seminar Cold Storage – as a case study, held by the two external mentors Thomas Freundlich and Valtteri Raekallio for the first Campus about scriptwriting.
Thank you again!
Cold Storage (2016)
​Cold Storage is a short dance film that pays homage to the virtuosic physical performances and melancholy comedy of the classic silent screen. As a lonely ice fisherman discovers his frozen prehistoric soul brother in the ice, multiple levels of time and reality blend together into a cinematic and kinetic exploration of alienation, dependency and friendship.
Direction and cinematography: Thomas Freundlich
Choreography: Valtteri Raekallio
trailer –
More info about the film

July 06, 2020

Last week Campus #1, focus on SCRIPT, took place online, under the direction of Malakta Films.
It’s always exciting to share projects and discuss ideas, expectations and goals.
We want to thank all the artists, mentors and the external guests Thomas Freundlich & Valtteri Raekallio, for the wonderful and constructive time spent together.
More about Campus #1 coming soon!

July 03, 2020

Greek Team
Ariadne is a Greek-born artist-scholar currently settled in Italy after having lived and worked in Columbus (OH/USA), London (UK) and Riga (Latvia). With a background as an architect, dance performer and choreographer, her research is located at the crossover between corporeal and screen-based arts. Her artistic practice, often in the form of choreographic environments and events as well as works created for the screen have been presented in various venues and contexts across Europe and the USA. As a dance performer, she has collaborated a.o. with Abigail Yager (Trisha Brown Dance Company), Bojana Cvejic and Christina De Smedt, Virgilio Sieni, Ismael Ivo. She is co-founder of futuremellon/NOT YET ART, a collective that enables her to expand her choreographic practice as well as to experiment with the curation of screendance (a.o. Screendance Landscapes, a two-day symposium; POSITIONING, a screendance program dedicated to the transportability of the camera and the body in areas that need attention). Wishing to deepen her interdisciplinary choreographic practise she embarked on a fully-funded practice-as-research PhD at the University of Roehampton (London), which she concluded in 2018. Her projects always informed by an architectural and choreographic thinking deal with oral history, alternative modes of archiving (“unstable archives”), as well as liminal spaces and in-betweenness, transformation processes and community making and for this reason, she considers mAPs project and the theme of Power and (Social) Mutation a rich context to apply her knowledge and expand her creative work.
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