Communities Actions


Stéla – DAN.CIN.LAB will work with Chrysanthi Badeka, founder of MØZ, to implement mAPs actions around the thematic POWER & MUTATIONS with its privileged partners. In every step of the way, the Greek team will connect with the local communities through creative activities.

All the activities mentioned below are going to take place in Greece and are free of charge for all the participants:

A series of online educational meetings in zoom platform for professional dancers, choreographers and professional dance students to empower their research and composition amidst pandemic era. Best practices sharing on screendance making: basic cinematic principles, filming the motion, choreography for the camera and editing.

A screening night with international and local dance films focusing on the theme of POWER, curated collectively by mAPs producers. The event will take place online or in a cinema depending on covid-19 restrictions.

• mAPs e-VOICES – #challengethecommunity
A series of engaging activities, with a focus to commune best practices of art+life making and to propose creative ways to use technology and the body on screen. The digital material that will emerge, will be edited in a format of small video episodes and uploaded on mAPs online platform and social media in order to be accessible for the general public. The actions will take place online, indoor or outdoor (depending on covid-19 restrictions) with accessible equipments : tablets, smartphones or cameras and internet connection.

Screendance workshops for children, teenagers and elderly people. The participants will practice on dance+shooting exercises and express themselves kinetically using creatively their cameras, placing the body in the foreground and drawing inspiration from everyday life and the problems that concern them on a small or large scale.

> WHAT IF – participatory project
A game of questions that will move the body and the imagination and create an archive of verbal and moving stories, which will be recorded by the participants themselves. A fun and creative activity, with which the use of technology will bring different ages closer and contribute to the dialogue between the different generations, illuminating the power of the body, time, memory, values of life and trust.

A collection of photos and videos captured by professional dance / film students and amateur filmmakers / photographers during the shooting days of the dance film production. For this challenge the participants will employ the tools they will have practiced during mAPs educational activities (see 1).

• mAPs e-TALKS : A series of online dialogues with invited guest (filmmakers, choreographers, anthropologist, sociologist, theorists, festival programmers, LGBTQ+ activists etc) questioning nowadays social issues within the frame of POWER & MUTATION, the political body on screen, the creative processes within pandemia, the power of transformation etc. The dialogues will be open to broad audience and announced in social media as public events.

• mAPs e-STORIES : Territory Interviews. Online archive with short interviews taken in the territory presenting the theme of POWER & MUTATION in contemporary Greek society. The interviews will be taken by the mAPs artists (targeting the LGBDQ+ community) and the mAPs GR Implementation Team (targeting the broader community).

• mAPs Collective Kitchen. An evening of collective cooking, eating and celebrating the end of the shooting days, with the part of the community that supports and follows the dance film production throughout all the steps of the creation (to be decided by the artists and the GR Implementation Team).

• mAPs Private Preview. A sharing screening evening – preview of the dance film. GR artistic team invites their preferable audience (from the communities they have worked with) to watch, and reflect on their work-in-progress, before the final cut of the dance film.